Travel Matters is a multi award winning independent luxury travel agency in South West London, established in 1999.

Our dedication as well as our strong sense of responsibility is what drives our passion to create exceptional tailor made family holidays.

We are utterly dedicated to crafting bespoke conscious travel experiences. We prefer engaging our clients through personal thorough discussions, practicing our unparalleled expertise in order to design journeys which ultimately turn into unforgettable lifelong memories. Our passion for excellence and rigorous attention to detail simply reinforce the fact that every journey will be harmonious and worry-free, empowering the traveler to explore, be inspired, and truly come to know, respect and fall in love with the culture of a destination. 

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travelmatters was Karen’s first baby twenty years ago. Since then, she has been juggling travel, work life and family life. Her experience is wide and varied including taking seniors around Europe with Page and Moy, hosting double-decker bus tours with Top Deck travel and running her own tour operating programme in Portugal. Karen’s been collecting knowledge from over 70 countries. She can also be found slipping from English into fluent French, German or Portuguese, often helping in those tricky hotel booking negotiations! The last couple of years she has visited Thailand, South Africa, Mexico, Cyprus, India, Egypt and many Caribbean islands.




Silvia’s number one passion is travel, with years of experience travelling around the world and discovering places. In recent years she has been to Cuba, Guatemala, Belize, USA, Morocco, Maldives, Turks and Caicos, Italy, Spain to name a few – all the time looking for luxury hotels, the best beaches, cool bars and restaurants around. From sailing along the Adriatic Coast to driving across Corsica (the most picturesque island in Europe), Silvia is a true explorer. She has a keen eye for detail, plans every client’s holiday like it was her own and has a comprehensive knowledge to back up her enthusiasm.




Maryna is from Belarus but came to live in the UK in 2007. Traveling is Maryna’s second biggest love after her family. So far her itchy feet have taken her to over 60 countries. A true adventurer, Maryna always tries to stay off the beaten track and travel the roads less taken. Her travel experience covers more traditional city and beach breaks as well as jungle tracking, mountain climbing, white water rafting and cycling. In fact, she has cycled thousands of miles in Asia and knows Thailand, Laos, Malaysia, Cambodia, Vietnam and Sri Lanka as well as the back of her hand. She is particularly passionate about animal welfare and spent several weeks working in various animal shelters in Sri Lanka. She is an avid theatre goer as well having a great interest in international cuisine.




Petra is one of the best connected people in the travel industry and joins us after a 30 year career in television, 19 years of which were with Travel Channel International, the leading global travel broadcaster. As the face of Travel Channel, Petra was responsible for award winning documentary style travel programmes in which she planned complicated itineraries and travel arrangements for the presenters and crew. Petra has visited over 100 countries, most recently St Kitts and Nevis where she swam between the two islands ! She has lived in Italy and Hong Kong and in 2013 took a sabbatical to spend six months travelling around South America.